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Cottagecore | Charming lifestyle trend

As we are slowly entering to the cosy season of autumn, it is a perfect time to add a little bit of charm to our lives. Imagine living a rural, peaceful life on the countryside surrounded by fields and meadows. Listening the rain drops hit the window while sipping tea from a ceramic cup you actually made yourself, all cuddled up in a soft linen blanket. The idea is to make your home feel pleasant and inviting. The Cottagecore, charming lifestyle trend emerged already few years ago and instantly became very popular. Luckily we don’t see an end to it. Read more about the trend and fall in love with the calm, romantic & sustainable way of living.

Nostalgia & charm

Rustic surroundings and romantic vintage furniture, selfmade pottery and other do it yourself -projects, dreamy linen, soft cotton and other natural materials. Vases filled with handpicked flowers from a nearby meadow. Cooking and baking. Enjoy the nostalgic feel while making sustainable choices and inviting calmness to your everyday life. Cottagecore is all about going back to the basics and enjoying the simple joys of living. And it is more than just an interior design trend, it is a charming lifestyle where simplicity is beautiful.

The joy of baking

Big part of the Cottagecore charming lifestyle trend is cooking and baking. Invite friends over and set the table roughly, it does not need to look perfect! Use a white or beige table cloth (don’t mind the wrinkles!), lay the food on wooden boards and ceramic plates, decorate with wild flowers and candles for extra cosyness. Cottagecore inspired table is generous and full, and it doesn’t mean it has to be expensive, just show everything was made with love.

«Think of soft, sun-faded aprons and the scent of freshly baked bread and you’re halfway there.»

Dreamy linen

We have said it before, but using soft materials is an easy way to make your home feel extra inviting and charming. Neutral, muted tones add calmness and tranquility to every corner. And these soft textiles do not have to be only for home decoration, you can wear them too! Cottagecore clothing, like linen dresses and shirts are timeless yet extremely comfortable.

«Natural materials are an easy way to make your home look beautiful and connected to the outdoors.»

Read more about the popular Cottagecore charming lifestyle trend here.

Pictures & inspiration from swedish interior deisgn brands; Olsson & Jensen and Affari of Sweden.

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