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We are a small but effective team. With the mix of our cultures, we are here to give you the best service and advise you in the selection of the best products for your customers and projects, always transmitting the Nordic philosophy that characterises our brands.

Tine Vang Poulsen

Co-Owner & Key Account Manager

Mikaela Ekholm

Co-Owner & Key Account Manager

Bruna de Oliveira

Account Manager (Portugal, Spain & Greece)

Chiara Bunoni

Account Manager (Italy, Spain, & Greece)

Ariadna Camarasa team

Ariadna Camarasa

Digital Marketing Manager (DMM)

Alba Gimeno team

Alba Gimeno

Community Manager & Content Creator

"We can assist you in Spanish, English, Catalan, Italian, French, Danish, Portuguese, Finnish and Swedish".


“At Estilo Nordico, our mission is to offer our customers the best service, variety and quality of products and the latest trends in interior design and decoration, always conveying the values and lifestyle of the Nordic countries”.

“We see our mission as a commitment to our clients.”

Equipo Estilo Nordico & contact people
Equipo Estilo Nordico team


“Estilo Nordico’s vision is to become one of the largest decoration and furniture trading agents, being highly competitive, reliable, with the best growth and offering its products and services with the highest quality standards in Southern Europe”.


“The core values of our company are trust, communication and teamwork to ensure that we are motivated to do our best and work together effectively in a positive environment.”

Equipo Estilo Nordico team

In addition, Estilo Nordico always has a trainee to complete the team. We like to help national and international students develop their skills for the world of work.

If you are interested in an internship, please contact us.

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