Affari of Sweden

Affari of Sweden

Estilo Nordico represents Affari of Sweden in Spain, Greece, Italy and Portugal.

Affari of Sweden is a Swedish brand born in 1998, when the three founders came together to offer handmade products with interesting colours and materials.

Candle making was the beginning of the journey and today they continue to manufacture the COTE NORD candle range based in Sweden. Over time, the collection has grown and, today, they offer a wide range of timeless interior design collections, created from knowledge and tradition, that have endured from generation to generation.

One of their most important sources of inspiration comes from their travels around the world, meeting local artisans. Inspired by people, food, colours and different cultures, they feel challenged to recycle and create new objects from older objects and traditions that they experience along the way. On these trips, they find unique products that form the basis of their new collections.

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Bringing the world into your world

"To inspire a unique feeling in every room, for every occasion."

Their vision is to inspire their clients to create a unique atmosphere in every room and for every occasion. Therefore, they are always up to date with the latest trends in decoration and interior design.

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In our 400 sqm showroom in the centre of Barcelona, you will currently find the entire collection of the brand, so that our customers can get to know their products in person.

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