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Estilo Nordico represents Hemverk in Spain, Greece, Italy and Portugal.

Hemverk is a collection of wall clocks. They are created from a proud Danish design tradition, that combines form and function with minimalist Nordic simplicity.

The design is clean and simple to focus on the most important function of the clock: showing the time. Because time is what matters.

Time is always in motion, which makes it even more important to focus on the moment and spend time doing what we want to do. Hemverk watches remind us to be in the present and look ahead.

Hemverk was born out of the design passion of Kasper Witt and Claus Hvid Bjerre. The two have created a coherent concept based on a minimalist Nordic look.

Kasper and Claus have spent their careers in the fashion and lifestyle industry and have used their previous experience in business development, sales and e-commerce to develop Hemverk.

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Handmade in Denmark

The company is based in Herning, where all watches are hand-assembled from natural materials in a small workshop and made to order to avoid overproduction.

Hemverk is a modern company and wants to incorporate responsibility in its production as much as possible and avoid over-packaging by using the original product box as a shipping box.

Nordic design

The colours of the clocks are inspired by Nordic nature, with muted greens, beiges, blues and soft pinks that create a sense of calm and blend well with any interior.

Made from materials such as marble, different types of wood and linoleum, they are all natural and responsible products that will last for many years.

The movement is of German Junghans quality and underlines the desire for a well-produced watch made from the best components.


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