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Estilo Nordico represents Recollector in Spain, Greece, Italy and Portugal.

Recollector is an innovative, user-friendly, Danish-designed waste sorting system. The rigorous design stores a wide range of smart functions that make everyday life easier and more manageable when sorting waste.

The sorting box itself can be hung and combined according to what suits each household and personal style. The patented solution is made of recycled plastic that can also be recycled. That’s why there can be small variations and dots in the finish.

Tenna Holdorff Christiansen, founder and CEO, created Recollector because there was a lack of useful waste sorting solutions with optimal functions and an elegant look.

She herself lacked a nice, flexible solution for waste sorting and that’s how the idea for a ReCollector came about … “It must be easy and clear to sort waste, and it must also be an aesthetic experience.” says Tenna.

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Storage that is stylish

Recollector is designed based on the Nordic style, with its simplicity, straight lines and subdued earth tones.

The functional, Danish-designed bins are ideal for storage. Their timeless design and range of colours make them useful in every room of the home.

"Designed to do right"

ReCollector has an important mission to take better care of our environment.

Every day, the average European citizen produces 1.3 kg of waste. This waste is a potential resource that can be recycled and used in new products. That’s why all its boxes are made from recycled plastic.

Thanks to Recollector’s products, it is easier to sort waste in a busy everyday life.


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