Shop in Shop

New Shop in Shop concept

What is Affari of Sweden’s Shop in Shop?

Affari of Sweden now offers a new business opportunity where customers can have a totally personalized and differentiated space within the store itself.

Affari of Sweden’s Shop in Shop is a small integrated microsite, in line with the brand’s image and commercial strategy, where only the Swedish brand’s products are sold.

Share your company with Affari of Sweden

Share your sales and exhibition space, adapting it to the aesthetics and values of Affari of Sweden, and benefit from the advantages of this partnership.

What does Affari of Sweden offer?

10% DTO

On ALL orders placed to replenish the product sold


Depending on the size of the city, you will have exclusive rights to this concept.

Shop in Shop


Staff training in display, product knowledge, assortment, etc.


The location of the store and the customer's site will be indicated on the brand's website.


Display shelves and signage material included free of charge.

And much more!

Immerse yourself in the world of Affari of Sweden

Our 400m² showroom in the center of Barcelona currently houses a large part of the Affari of Sweden collection, so that our customers can get to know its products up close.

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