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Lighting is one of the most important aspects in the world of decoration. Thanks to it, we can delimit or create new spaces, transmit sensations and even direct the eye towards those areas that we want to highlight.

It will also bring more or less warmth to a space or area depending on the tones used.

n this blog post, we show you the large selection of lamps offered by our brands according to the trends of this 2024: pendant, wall, table, floor…

Mushroom lamps

Lámparas Fungi de Affari of Sweden

Mushroom-shaped table lamps are undoubtedly still one of the main trends this season.

Thanks to the oval shape of the lampshade, they distribute a soft and cosy light in the room.

They are available in different materials, colours and designs.

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Natural fibre lamps

Lámparas Estilo Nordico

The size, colour and lightness of this style of lamp means that they fit perfectly into any contemporary decor, adding a bohemian touch, as well as bringing warmth to the room.

Wood, linen, cotton, wool, seagrasses… If you like this kind of lamps, take a look at the natural fibre models of our brands.

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Glass lamps

Lámparas Estilo Nordico

Another material we will see in lamps this year is glass. This type of lamp adds an extra touch of elegance to the room.

We can find models with smoked, coloured or opal glass, which makes it easy to adapt them to any style of decoration.

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Metal or steel lamps

Lámparas Estilo Nordico

Metal or steel lamps instantly add something special to the room.

Although this type of material hints at an industrial feel, the design adapts to any interior style thanks to its versatility; from boho to contemporary and minimalist.

Their industrial and simple character will bring personality and warmth to any home.

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Ceramic, clay or cement lamps

Lámparas de Estilo Nordico

The cement, ceramic or clay lamps are sculptural pieces at the same time.

The stone base adds softness with its voluminous shape and, when combined with a fabric shade, creates a balanced mix of textures.

Thanks to this type of lamp, you will add a sculptural appeal wherever you place it. So do it justice and display it where it deserves.

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New brand of lighting!

Suitable lighting for offices, hotels, restaurants and private homes

Lámparas Estilo Nordico

Nuad is a strong range of beautiful and functional lighting products suitable for homes and offices around the world.

Arcon Collection

The Arcon lamp series is an architectural conversion between function and proportion.

The small lampshade is perfect for small spaces and has ventilation holes that provide a soft upward light feeling. In addition, the shape of the lampshade creates a perfect direct downward light.

Opa collection

Opa Wall Lamp is a small opal lamp suitable for both wall and ceiling. The aim was to create a clean and efficient glass lamp that could work in small spaces, such as corridors, entrances or next to pictures or mirrors, and that would be suitable for offices, hotels, restaurants or private homes. The lamp is dimmable can be wired, which will require a dimmer on the wall.

Avra collection

This collection provides soft and gentle lighting thanks to its transparent recycled acrylic lampshade. Its design brings the timeless style and charm of old paraffin lamps to modern living. In addition, its movable head helps to direct the light according to the needs of the moment.

The table lamp is mobile and has a three-step dimmer function that allows for better control of the lighting level. With its magnetic USB charger, it provides a convenient and effortless charging option, perfect for modern life.

Radent collection

Based on a standard LED tube light, the Radent collection is transformed into an ultra-slim, linear design.

It offers both direct light to one side and subtle light to the other, as its perforated metal mesh provides soft illumination.

They are intelligent lamps, as the intensity and tone of the light can be controlled via an app.

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