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Estilo Nordico represents Wehlers in Spain, Greece, Italy and Portugal.

Wehlers is a furniture design brand that uses responsibly sourced waste materials to produce high quality products. They are designed by renowned architects.

They believe in creating positive changes within the furniture design industry, driven by a deep sense of responsibility towards future generations.

Their mission is to create design with meaning and lead the way in sustainable and transparent business practices, demonstrating that meaningful impact can be achieved through the choices we make.

They want to offer high-quality designed furniture that resonates with consumers who wants to choose sustainable products, and they want to keep aiming towards a new standard for environmental integrity within furniture.

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"Wehlers produce sustainable seatings from recycled materials".

R.U.M., as the famous Wehlers chair is called, s is short for Re-Used Materials and is made from fishing nets, pharmalit or electronic waste.

The circular thinking can be seen in the fact that only two materials have been used in the production of R.U.M. and that both of these materials can be recycled 100% for new Wehlers furniture.

A chair designed to change the way furniture is made in the world.

From Waste to Valuable Design

Wehlers redes de pesca

Using discarded fishing net as material for products is both eco-friendly and contribute to cleaner oceans and a healthier planet

Wehlers plástico

Pharmalit, a composite material made from pharmaceutical packaging waste, mainly insulin pens.

Wehlers teclados

Electronic waste, or e-waste, consist of recycled plastic from discarded electronic devices.

A circular concept

Design > Manufacturing > Distribution > Consumption > Recycle

The Wehlers R.U.M. chair is proof that by designing according to circular design principles it is possible to significantly reduce emissions and the use of virgin materials, all without compromising on aesthetics, price or quality, changing the furniture industry forever.


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