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Hospitality by Meraki

Meraki’s products for the Horeca sector

Meraki’s hospiotality range is your perfect partner to provide your guests with a moment of self-pampering and wellbeing during their stay at your establishment

In this blog post, we show you the Hospitality range of the natural cosmetics brand.

Hospitality de Meraki

Do you know Meraki?

Meraki is a Danish brand of natural cosmetics, which covers daily hair and skin care with high quality ingredients.

Meraki skincare products are made of gentle and nourishing ingredients carefully selected for their positive qualities, proven effects, and natural fragrances.

Designed and developed in Denmark, their products are inspired by Scandinavian aesthetics and created with love and respect for nature.

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Hospitality de Meraki

Meraki reminds us that life is made of moments that whiz by while we are busy making plans, going places, helping others and sometimes forgetting ourselves.

That’s why it’s important to stop for a minute. To take a breath. To rest. Create a Meraki moment.

And following this philosophy, Meraki’s products for the hospitality sector are designed to provide the customer with a pleasant and enriching experience and thus exceed their expectations.

Thanks to Meraki’s hospitality range, the company is not only seen as professional and competitive, but also conveys trust, closeness and humanity.

Northern Dawn

Hospitality range - Northern Dawn line

This range, certified COSMOS organic by ECOCERT, is a luxury daily care for hair, hands and body

Meraki’s Northern Dawn line has an aroma with notes of fresh orange, cedar wood and sweet balsamic.

Certified COSMOS organic by Ecocert

COSMOS certification guarantees: production and processing processes that respect the environment and human health.

Northern Dawn - Meraki

Hand and body wash contains nourishing parsley and carrot extracts. The organic carrot extract has a nourishing and moisturising effect, while the parsley extract nourishes and cleanses the skin. The Northern Dawn wash strengthens the natural skin barrier thanks to an active from sugar beets.

The hand and body cream softens and moisturises the skin without being greasy thanks to almond oil and cocoa butter which are both organic.

The hair products strengthens the hair from the inside out with a vegetable protein, while a carrot extract and organic aloe vera provide nourishment.

Their refill options are easy to handle and a suitable choice when you want to reduce waste A cost effective and sustainable solution for your business.

Hospitality de Meraki

Stainless steel bathroom accessories

Small details can make all the difference in your bathroom. Meraki’s stainless steel accessories are a timeless choice which adds elegance and a sense of calm to the bathroom. They have a minimalist and simple design that makes the bathroom look cleaner and tidier.


Pampering kits for clients

To enhance guests’ stay with even more relaxation and perfection, the brand has created pampering kits with Meraki’s popular care products.

Whether the products are used in the room or taken home, guests will have an experience that engages the senses and exudes luxury.

Kit para manos

Hand Kit

The Hand Kit offers much-needed indulgence for hands that are exposed and sometimes overlooked. Contain:

  • Hand serum
  • Hand cream
  • Nail kit: cuticle pusher, nail file, small clipper and large clipper
Kit corporal

Body Kit

This Kit provides extra moisture and care for the skin, revitalizing it, infusing antioxidants, and soothing it with nourishing ingredients. Contain:

  • Sugar oil body scrub
  • Face mask
  • Deodorant
  • Body lotion
  • Lip balm
Kit para pies

Foot Kit

The Foot Kit gives tired feet well-deserved care and pampering with ingredients that deeply moisturise, nourish, and refresh. Contain:

  • Foot cream
  • Nail kit: cuticle pusher, nail file, small clipper and large clipper
  • Foot file
  • Foot salt

Meraki, apart from the refill solution offers a wide range of products for various areas of the establishment such as candles, mikado air diffuser, natural essence diffusers

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