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Summer table setting inspiration | HOW-TO

One of the best things about summer is eating outside in the evening after work. Dinners with friends in the garden or rooftop are even more fun. With a beautiful summer table setting, everyone will stick around for a long time. 

Carefully styled 

Such a carefully styled table setting is not only very classy, but is also useful if you are not a kitchen prince(ss) by nature. Nobody will notice that you have not made the soup and salads yourself when you serve them at a nicely set table. It immediately sets the mood! 


Make sure you have all the crockery you want to use at home. It’s a shame if you’re short on a plate or bowl and have to solve it with crockery that doesn’t match the rest.  

Tip: keep some extra plates and glasses on hand so that unannounced guests can join in. 

Make it comfortable 

If you don’t want guests to storm off the table as soon as dessert is finished, you’d better make sure they’re comfortable. Lay out cushions and drape a throw over the chairs in case the weather cools off faster than hoped. 


Then it’s just a matter of decorating your summer table setting. Pick a color theme or style in advance and stick to it.  Go for a beautiful bouquet in the middle of the table or make it playful with vases in different heights. You can also put a sprig of herbs on the plates for a more minimalistic result. 

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With flowers you immediately brighten up everything. This romantic theme is also really a summer theme. Pick or buy some cute flowers, divide them among some smaller vases as seen in the middle picture. You can also place one or two of larger bouquets on your table, this of course depends on the size of your table.


You really can’t go wrong with a minimal table setting. Buy a bunch of sunflowers and place them next to or on the plate. This immediately gives the impression that it has been thought about.

Simple, easy and beautiful.


If you forgot to think about your table setting theme, but still have some nice pieces of fruit in your fruit bowl or fridge, a fruity theme is your best option 🙂


Green gives a calm natural vibe. You can interpret this theme in different ways.

Keep it simple with a few eucalyptus branches. Or go big with large bouquets and plant leaves.

Au Naturelle

Au naturelle, the word says it all. As natural as possible. With natural materials such as a linen tablecloth, you are already in the right direction. With some dried flowers you immediately give your table a natural look. Use light colors for your decoration, especially beige, brown and white.


Botanical theme is an all time favorite of many. This theme is suitable for all occasions. Think of a children’s party, double date or birthday. Buy a few stems of an alocasia from the florist and you immediately have a classy botanical summer table setting.

Mediterranean feeling

Everyone has a few colored plates in their kitchen. If you combine all of these, you immediately have a summer feeling. Top it all off with a beautiful colored salad.

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