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House Doctor

Estilo Nordico represents House Doctor in Spain, Greece and Portugal.

House Doctor is a family-run design company that was born out of a desire to inspire and help people create their own spaces. To this end, they design products that bring balance, simplicity and authenticity to homes.

His passion lies in choosing the right materials, designs and textures and combining them into an elegant and balanced design. Mixability is the House Doctor’s strong point. Whether an object has a minimalist, retro or industrial feel, it can be combined with the rest of your objects in an eclectic and personal look.

For House Doctor, the details are important: a glaze with bubbles, handmade motifs or the organic and voluminous shapes of a vase. Instead of making their items stand out with bold colors, they seek to infuse each design with subtle but intriguing details that surprise and delight. Essentially, they are more than just beautiful products: they create a sensation.

With an aesthetic rooted in the tradition of Scandinavian design, its product range is designed with items that make it easy to create a wonderful home with living space.

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"A home with room for unexpected moments"

House Doctor’s collections are carefully selected and full of unique items so that you can create your own individual and personal style. Instead of telling you how to decorate your home, they want to inspire you and show you the many options they offer with their strong range of furniture and decoration, all with that unmistakable brand DNA.

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