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Decorate your home with lagom

A warm, welcoming and cozy home. A lot of people would love their homes to be like this,
but how do you create the atmosphere? Decorate your home with lagom! Sometimes it can be harder than you think. Let’s dive into the best tips.
It is important to feel comfortable at home, now even more than ever. Sometimes you can
make the biggest difference with the smallest changes.

Less is more

Lagom, the Swedish secret to happiness. Not too much, not too little. According to this
theory, the secret of happiness is based on a way of life that encourages us to escape from
the eccentric things to find order and balance.
Sometimes less is more, it brings peace and calmness. But how do you make sure your
room is also comfy and welcoming?

Decorate with lagom

The power of light

Light has a big influence on the way you feel. A lot of daylight brings life and calmness to
your room. To create a cozy atmosphere you can use different types of lighting. In many
cases, a pendant lamp provides the most warmth and comfort to your room. The color of the
light itself can also make a huge difference. If you use a warm-colored light it will bring more
warmth into your house. Also small lights like candles will bring a cozy atmosphere.

Invite nature to your home to decorate your home with lagom

Natural elements are crucial in your interior. Nature makes us feel alive and provides us rest
and peace. For that reason nature is an important part in Nordic interior design.
Starting with the most overlooked things, flowers and plants. Most of the time when people
are missing something in their interior, it is a natural element such as a plant. Adding plants
will instantly bring more life into your room. Due to their mostly round shapes, they will bring
a warm and welcoming atmosphere. They are the perfect element to put in empty spaces
such as corners, bookshelves and tables.

Besides plants and flowers, material and colors can make a huge impact on the atmosphere.
Soft materials bring instant warmth to your home. Furniture and accessories made of wood,
rattan and webbing have a natural and soft touch, which is due to their warm tones.
Earth toned colors create a serene sensation. They bring a calm feeling and make other
colors and objects stand out more.

Decorate with lagom

Small changes, big difference

With a few home decorations you can make a big difference. It’s an easy way to add color to
the room. The Nordic lifestyle is all about rest, so make sure you dont over-decorate. Round
shapes can make a room appear more soft and cozy. By replacing your rectangular items
with round decorations like cushions, flower vases and lamps the room will appear a lot
more softer.

Combine old and new

By adding vintage or vintage looking furniture to your interior, you give the room a
characteric look. Due to their used look they bring a lot of movement and life into your home.
Combining these vintage items with modern pieces you make the room appear more
interesting. As we discussed before, less is more. You don’t need to have a lot of furniture to
make the room cozy and welcoming.

Create unity with rugs to decorate your home with lagom

Last but not least, an important element that people often forget is a rug. A rug can change
the whole appearance of the room. It connects the furniture and creates unity. Round
shaped rugs make the space appear more welcoming.

I hope these tips will help you create your own cozy home 🙂

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