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Spring clean | To do list

After months of cold and grey weather, the days are finally getting longer & warmer and the sun seems a bit brighter. It is time to clean our homes and embrace the energy that comes with the new season. Check out the following tips on how you can make the most of your spring clean to-do list.

Spring clean & put away

One of the most important parts of Spring-cleaning is getting rid of the mess and putting away things you no longer need. When doing a spring clean, you will want to make sure that you have the right storage for the job! Why not choose some fabulously functional storage solutions that make tidying up even more satisfying and stylish. For instance a woven basket is a perfect accessory to store everything, from throw blankets to dog toys and stuffed animals while still looking chic and stylish.

Use lighter fabrics

Put away the heavy faux fur throws and cable knit blankets, and replace them with lighter fabrics, such as cotton or linen. Using neutral tones will always be a classic and will provide your space with a timeless look. Therefore It creates a more minimalistic appeal and bright atmosphere into your home, which is perfect for Spring time.

Linen is appreciated for its beauty, feel and durability. It is the ideal fabric to use in your home this spring and for years to come. Smooth and cool fabric that will instantly create a relaxed atmosphere in any interior design space.

Update your pillows

Looking for an easy upgrade you can make in just an afternoon? You can either exchange the pillows from room to room or you can just buy a new cover.

Swapping out textiles is a great way to make a room feel brand new.

Scented candles

If you’re someone who decorates your home with gingerbread and pumpkin-scented candles around the holidays, it’s time to swap those candles for something a little more Spring-friendly, such as our all-time favourite scented candles from Olsson & Jensen are a real must have for the Spring and Summer!

Reach for floral or citrus candles to brighten up any room in your house.

The Olsson & Jensen Ella collection contains a for example scents such as ‘‘Pear & Fig’’, ‘‘Pinky Peach Blossom’’ and ‘‘Lemon Cream’’.

Or simply go for unscented candles in pastel colours.

Add new table ware

Another easy spring clean change you can make to your home is the kitchen. Keep a set of light coloured dishes and cups in storage to change them up when the season swifts.

We love using natural tone pieces, as seen in image on the left from Olsson & Jensen, but bright colourful plates and bowls are also perfect for the warmer weather.

Refresh your artwork

Updating your entire gallery wall is probably too much of an undertaking. But exchanging a few pieces of art throughout your home is a great way to make the rooms feel fresh and updated.

Bring the outside in.

The outdoors is a natural attraction for most of us.

The thought of nature makes us feel refreshed and calm, which means that spring is the perfect season to embrace nature and bring the outside into your homes. Adding natural fibres into your home such as rattan and jute is one way of doing this.

By simply adding baskets or jute rugs into your home can instantly create a more relaxing space.


Spring clean your plants

Dust your plants with a damp cloth or give them a shower! In winter, dust tends to accumulate on house plants, providing the perfect hiding place for insects and pests.

Give your plant a trim

By removing dead or unhealthy leaves from your houseplant, you also help your plant on its way. In this way, all new spring energy can be directly forwarded to the healthy leaves of the plant, and nothing is lost to dead parts. With clean, sharp scissors, you can easily trim a plant and remove yellow or brown leaves.

Repot your plants

The best time to repot houseplants is in the spring. Thanks to the warm temperatures and more light, plants get more energy during this time. This makes them grow new roots faster and outgrow their current pot faster.


Spring is also the right time to take cuttings from your plants. So if you have trimmed your plant, or if you just want to expand your home jungle, propagate your plants from now on! Your cuttings need a lot of light, but they also need warmth. So don’t put them in a cool windowsill.

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