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Nordic home decor & travel tips | Summer edition

Can you guess what people living in the Nordic countries eagerly wait for after January? Well summer of course! And it is finally here! Welcome the long, bright days, happy faces on the streets, outdoor events, moscuito bites and barbeque nights. Life in the Nordics during summer months is the best thing! If you are spending your summer in the city, do not worry! Nature is ALWAYS around, and that is why it makes a huge part of the culture & identity. Elements of nature, wellbeing, simplicity & cosyness is what characterizes nordic home decor & the people.

Nordic home decor | Cosyness & elements from nature

When it comes to styling nordic homes, we like to invite nature in. Which means using wood or ceramic objects in different shapes & sizes, as well as other materials that breathe, feel soft, safe and have that cosyness. Cotton, linen & leather are our top picks! Another trend in nordic home decor is being mindfull of the environment. Using recycled products & vintage pieces that tell stories is a great way to add uniqueness in to your home while being ecological.

Nordic lifestyle & living is all about a balance between work and everyday life. Homes are people’s safe havens, where family and loved ones are gathered together.

Nordic travels | Our favourite travel tips to enjoy the Nordic summer!

Helsinki, Finland

Do not miss visiting the capital of the happiest country in the world! Wander around the streets of Helsinki, grab a cinnamon bun & coffee, visit some interesting fleamarkets & vintage shops. Try local food at Kauppatori and then take a ferry to a historical Suomenlinna island.


There is nothing more Scandinavian than warming up a sauna and having a dip in the lake. Rent a summer cottage from airbnb and have the authentic escape from the city life. Wake up surrounded by the silence of nature. Read a book in a hammock.. and just relax!

Go North to Finnish Lapland

Experience the nightless nights & midnight sun. It is absolutely magical. If you are close to the city of Rovaniemi, you may also have the chance to meet Santaclaus and his reindeers if you are lucky!

Around Denmark | Buzzing capital & stunning nature

Copenhagen, Denmark

This buzzing capital has more European vibe to it. Filled with cute cafés, excellent food scene, modern architecture & real nordic culture makes it worth the visit! Being one of the best bike cities in the world, what would be better than to rent a bike and explore the city like the locals do!

Roskilde Festival

One of the biggest and most iconic festivals in Europe. First Roskilde festival was held in 1971! If you missed it this year, save the date for next year! Roskilde will be back from 24th June till 1st of July 2023.

Skagen, Denmark

Explore Skagen and all its exciting, beautiful and unique attractions. Enjoy the stunning scenery, and the unique experience of standing with one foot in the North Sea and one in the Baltic Sea.

Get inspired → Visit Finland , Visit Denmark , Visit Sweden

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