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A Taste of Autumn | Mushroom pie recipe

A Taste of Autumn | Mushroom pie recipe

Warm colours and earthy flavours of autumn. Go out and explore the nature and the autumn foliage; the leaves changing colour. The season is perfect for forest walks too! Pick branches and leaves and use these natural materials for your...

Olsson & Jensen

Cottagecore | Charming lifestyle trend

As we are slowly entering to the cosy season of autumn, it is a perfect time to add a little bit of charm to our lives. Imagine living a rural, peaceful life on the countryside surrounded by fields and meadows....

Cinnamon rolls

Sabor otoñal con «Cinnamon buns»

Aprovechando que el 4 de Octubre se celebra el día nacional de los «Cinnamon buns», o rollitos de canela en español, os traemos la receta típica de los países nórdicos para que los disfrutes con una taza de chocolate o...